A Covenant Of Passion

A Covenant of Passion
by Odetta F Price
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"Why did I marry this woman?" "My daddy would NEVER treat me the way he is treating me." "I could just get a divorce and start over. After all, I deserve God's best." Have you ever heard anyone make any of those statements? Have you ever felt like this at any point in your own marriage? Don't give up! There is hope even for your seemingly desperate circumstances ... YOUR MARRIAGE CAN SURVIVE AND THRIVE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS! In A Covenant of Passion: Creating and Maintaining a Vision of Intimacy for Your Marriage, you will be taken on a journey from the beginning of your "I Dos" and what you believed your motives for marrying were. No matter what stage you are in with your walk with God, this book was written to relate to the challenges or personal revelations that married people may face at any given point in their relationship. God has a divine plan and purpose for your marriage that will be revealed through these pages. His plan will spark the initial flames that will ignite your desire to have a marriage that is on fire for God and ultimately inspire and encourage people around you.








































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