Eric Porter - The Life of An Acting Giant
by Helen Monk
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As a beginning this biography is the first complete one ever written about actor Eric Porter.

Born from a friendship thanks to which Helen Monk had access to Eric's memorabilia close before his death this is a work of love and patience through years of a devoted fan...

Eric Porter (1928-1995) best known for his parts of King Lear, Macbeth, Ibsen's John Rosmer or Chekhov's Serebryakov on the stage, is the unforgettable Soames Forsyte whose name has become a common name in Cockney together with Professor Moriarty on T.V.

Based on witnesses of fellows actors, friends, critics, journalists, it is a story about an incredibly modest man who didn't seek money nor fame, only an actor whose job was to entertain and make people think about life by forgetting their own problems.

This biography is the fulfilled dream of a fan who met her hero but the dream too of a quite lonesome actor who met a whole family : parents, children and even grandparents whom he called affectionately "his little family from Ripley".

IMPORTANT : This book is made of 15 chapters (volume 1) with 7 more to come. These seven chapters will be part of another tome (volume 2) with more private photographies and more drawings.





































Eric Porter The Life of An Acting Giant





Helen Monk


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